Maria, Suzy and Jane: store staff in 2002.  Maria beat breast cancer the first time around, and although the disease took her body the re-match, it never defeated her spirit and never robbed her of her smile.

Discounts & Trade Credit

PaperBack Swap N Shop

This is a really great place to shop* 

but we do have a couple of rules posted by the door:

#1 If you have a question you have to ask it.

#2 If you don't have fun, don't come back.

*The Galveston Daily News named this bookstore as one of the "Best Places" in Galveston County, we were the only retail store so selected.

Its easy to get used books for 1/4 cover price.

  • Used books start at 1/2 cover price, then discounts to 1/4 price with equal value trade-in used paperbacks.
  • New books start at full publishers price and then 25% discount with credit. 
  • Check out the Sidewalk sale for $2 books.

Bring in your paperback books for credit anytime the store is open.  All paperbacks must be in salable condition, clean, with covers.  Please, not more than 100 books at a time.

We give trade-credit at 1/4 *cover price for all paperback books (a $7.99 book is $2 credit, a $2.99 book is 75 cents credit) - Hard back is added as $4 for $1 credit. 


Cover price* of your secondhand books adds up to $100 that is $25 in credit.   That credit goes on an account in the store for your use, discounting our prices by 25%

Used Paperbacks sell for 1/2 cover  price* now paid as 1/4 cash and 1/4 credit. 

So if you pick out $40 worth of books,

that price would be


$10 trade-credit + $10 cash  (plus tax)

Since you had  $25 in trade-credit and used $10, we would save the other $15 trade-credit on your account.   Credit does not expire.  We keep  track of your credit, nothing for you to loose.

Paperback Swap N Shop also discounts most  New Books, 25% off  with credit.  Our New Book  selection is kept current and small.  We support our store customers with discount on most special orders of new books,  and classroom set discounts for 10 copies or more of a single title.  Customers are welcome to look though our order catalogs of forthcoming books.  We enjoy ordering your books pre-release and call you when they arrive.  We will order hardcovers too!

Paperback Swap N Shop very rarely buys books, if you owned a bookstore that went out of business or had hundreds of western or recent paperback mysteries or some similar situation, we might talk.  No trading books for books, all books in the store have a cash value. Sadly, the electric company will not take books to pay the bill.


Marie Stimson opened Paperback Swap N Shop

Bookstore in Dickinson Texas in 1971.

  Jane Gray started working  for her in 1989, first part time, then as manager, and bought the store in 2005.

 The store is now also known as

Jane's Paperback Swap N Shop.

A major remodel of the building in 2010 gave this old store a new look!



The store staff  (Jane, Suzy, and Michael) have combined experience almost 50 years as booksellers.  We are all readers. We can share our favorites, recommend  paperback books, and just hang out with our customers who are the best customers in the world (OK, so my opinion may be biased).  

Hurricane IKE:

On September 13, 2008 the store was flooded 26 inches by the rain associated with IKE.   9,635 books, which was about 1/3 of the store stock was turned to stinky mush. This picture was taken 2 days later.  With hard work, good friends and by the Grace of God we reopened in  10 days.


Just as we were in great recovery - eReaders became THE gift!  Lots of folks are willing to spend  more money to download a book then to own the book.  While many bookstores have closed due to digital books, we keep on having fun with paper books. 

Buy books!  If you gotta e-read, link to Kobo Here.